Celebrating the Prophet’s Birthday

Allaamah Taajud-Deen al-Maaliki [He is Umar bin Ali bin Saalim bin Sadaqah al-Lakhmee (654-734AH, famously known as al-Iskandaree. Ibn Kathir described him as being as-sheikh al-imam. Refer to al-Bidaayah wan-Nihaayah Volume 14, page 168.] Said: I do not know of any credible evidence established from either the Quraan or Sunnah in regards to the Prophet’s birthday. Neither has such an action been related back to anyone of the scholars of the Ummah, whom are the role model in terms of the Deen, strictly following the narrations of the earlier predecessors, rather it is an innovation in the Deen, invented and introduced by the Fatimid [Arab Ismaili dynasty (296-566AH) originating from modern day Tunisia and Algeria.], and it is a personal desire with which the greedy use to obtain wealth and money as a result of practicing these innovated actions in the Deen.
And Allah knows better.


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