Scientific Facts about the Serious Harmful Effects of Pornography.

I came across the following article recently and thought I must share it for public benefit. As we are all aware that porn is easily available and many people are addicted to it, reading the following article may help understand the dangers of this phenomenon. I hold the multi billion dollar global porn industry directly responsible for indirectly instigating rape, incest and child abuse. Everyone knows about terrorists blowing up people physically but no one talks about the terrorists who blow up minds and societies. These social terrorists are media moguls and porn makers. Pornography can definitely destroy lives and marriages. The following article will explain how porn kills societies.(my words end here and the article begins below):
For a lot of people who say porn is normal and harmless, they tend to celebrate porn as something that allows users to healthily “explore their sexuality” or simply be “open-minded”.
What people of this opinion don’t understand is that porn can not only ruin a person’s ability to maintain a healthy sexual relationship, but that pornography is highly addictive and literally rewires the brain. By viewing different sexual tastes through porn, users can actually start to erode their own sexual preferences and disorder their sexual arousal template (what they find sexy and are aroused by).
Let us explain by dropping some knowledge from a guy that knows a lot about the brain and how porn can affect it.
Dr. Norman Doidge is world renowned psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, and researcher.. He works at the University of Toronto’s Department of Psychiatry and is also on the Research Faculty at Columbia University’s Center for Psychoanalytic Training and Research in New York. This guy knows his stuff. Along with being the author of two New York Times Bestsellers, Dr. Doidge has done extensive research on the effects that porn has on the brain.
The following quote from Dr. Doidge’s best selling book, The Brain That Changes Itself, is one that illustrates perfectly how porn affects the brain:
“Sexual tastes are molded by an individuals experiences and their culture. These tastes are acquired and then wired into the brain. We are unable to distinguish our ‘second nature’ from our ‘original nature’ because our neuroplastic brains, once rewired, develop a new nature every bit as biological as our original.”
So what exactly does that mean?
It means that as human beings we have neuroplastic brains, meaning our brains are malleable, changeable, and can be conditioned. Porn just so happens to be the perfect recipe to condition our brains for many reasons – porn is visual, it is stimulating, and it releases chemicals in our brain that build pathways to return back to it. Dr. Donald Hilton, who is another world renowned psychologist and researcher on the harmful effects of porn on the brain, said the following in his published study titled, Pornography addiction – a supranormal stimulus considered in the context of neuroplasticity:
“Pornography is the perfect laboratory for this kind of novel learning fused with a powerful pleasure incentive drive. The focused searching and clicking, looking for the perfect masturbatory subject, is an exercise in neuroplastic learning.”
Basically, porn is highly addicting and highly exciting to our brains. For this very reason, porn poses a serious threat to how our brains function normally. If the porn that is being viewed is the stuff that contains violence, fetishes, rape, humiliation, or any of the other infinite categories of deviant porn out there, these things actually start to become what the user thinks is attractive, sexy, and desirable.
Not cool.
So now knowing all the science behind our changeable brains, let’s go back to the original question: Can porn affect your sexual tastes?
The short answer?
Of course.
We recently got an email from one girl who was addicted to porn since the age of 12. Now married, she shared with us how her years of porn use still deeply affects her ability to have a good sex life with her loving husband and how she still deals with the effects of years of watching degrading and humiliating porn:
I know men have issues with erectile dysfunction because of porn; they can’t get an erection because porn has distorted their ability to become aroused. Well, turns out it’s the same for women. Nothing my husband can do, is willing to do, can arouse me. And it’s not like he’s only willing to try a handful of mundane things. He is not, however, willing to mistreat me, call me names, degrade me, or use bondage of any sort – things that we feel have no business in the bed of equal partners, man and wife. But it’s these things to which I tied my arousal during my addiction. I don’t want any of these things in our bedroom but without them… no go. Yes, a woman’s inability to become aroused doesn’t prevent sex from happening like a man’s inability, but my lack of arousal means an experience which should be beautiful and pleasurable is miserable and incredibly painful. I still have a sexual appetite. I’m still sexually attracted to my husband. But I’m not sexually aroused and it’s not because he’s some ugly potato, it’s because of the lingering effects of my addiction. I deny him something that is an important part of our marriage, and my own sexual appetite is perpetually frustrated, I’m continuously unsatisfied, because of my own stupid actions years ago.
See, if a porn user is frequently viewing porn that is violent, fetishistic, degrading, or deviant, they are literally conditioning their plastic brain to be aroused by that type of behavior; even if it is showing things that they originally thought to be disgusting or wrong. And because porn is an escalating addiction, users inevitably end up viewing deviant porn just because they need to watch more hardcore stuff to get the same rush they got in the beginning. In an effort to get that dopamine rush in the brain that they have conditioned themselves to crave, this is when users start going to the deep, dark corners of the internet; it’s the only stuff that is extreme enough. Imagine a user’s alarm when they first see these types of deviant porn, and then begin to specifically search it out even though they feel that it is morally wrong. As time passes, the user’s sexual arousal template starts to change and they begin to associate sexual pleasure with these deviant sexual tastes.
If we believe the research that science is telling us about our neuroplastic brains and how they can be conditioned through experiences, we can see that the brain can be manipulated into wanting something that the user didn’t want before. And that is when things get very confusing and very harmful to the user’s sexual and emotional health.
It is clear that the effects of porn on sexual health become increasingly harmful the longer one looks at porn. So regardless of people’s opinions, the facts remain the same: porn is harmful and research is proving it.
What YOU Can Do
If you’re not cool with porn being viewed as simply normal and harmless, SHARE this article to help spread the scientific facts about the serious harmful effects of pornography.


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