What I know about ISIS (Khawarij or Mujahideen) ?

We must categorically state that this misguided, astray group, or those like them, do not represent Islam or the Muslims in the least.

A beard does not prove a person is on the straight path. Nor does a black flag. In fact what we see is that from it’s evil birth, it has caused nothing but loss to the muslims.

When the Syrians came together as one army and were defeating Bashar Al Asad, the enemies of Islam feared a free Syria so they needed a way to intervene and keep Bashar in power. However they had to do this undercover because they couldn’t be seen to be supporting an oppressive leader who was clearly unwanted by his people.

So what did they do? They fuelled the rise of these shayateen ISIS – supplied them weapons and gave them mass media coverage. These dogs of the fire said they will kill the hypocrites – i.e. Muslims BEFORE they fight Bashar Al Asad.

Wonderful. Now we have the Syrians fighting Bashar in front AND ISIS from behind. Both armies of the shaytaan. Both fuelled and supported by the enemies of Allah.

Leaked documents show that ISIS was purposefully fuelled and created. It’s a manufactured disease. A cancer to this ummah.

From the time of the companions these dogs have been causing fitna, making takfeer of the muslims, spilling their blood, fighting against Islam.

Why do we speak so harshly against them with such harsh words? Because the messenger salAllahu alayhi wa sallam HIMSELF spoke like this about them. He called them the dogs of the hellfire. He said they are the worst people killed under the sun. He told us they recite a lot of Qura’an and they pray alot but it will never benefit them.

And now we have our brothers and sisters ignorantly defending these fools because they think they are mujahideen. Wake up! They are the army of shaytaan not the army of Allah. They are a manufactured enemy of the muslims to forward the gains and to allow the looting and killing in the muslim lands to continue.

For any balanced person reading this – ISIS don’t represent me and they don’t represent you. But remaining silent isn’t enough because the messenger spoke out against them so we should too.

Here are some statements of the Salafi Scholars against ISIS [The Khawaarij of Syria and Iraq]

Shaikh Muhammad Bin Haadi


ISIS – not in my name and not in yours.


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